• Amanda de la Rosa

This rococo kitsch style is a 3D collage that doesn´t imitate established patterns. It is made with chatter coming from all around the world. Each image is unique and unrepeatable. It might take up to twenty years of collection and two thousand different pieces for each composition. It´s a puzzle where every piece has a fraction of the daily life and together they tell the contemporary history.


I've always had a weakness for chatter and kitsch aesthetics. As a girl, every day I went back home with a series of absolutely useless ítems, like earrings with no pair, souvenirs, plastic dolls or whatever I found. At sixteen I had accumulated so much stuff that my mother wanted to put it where it belonged: in the trash. To prevent this, I pasted my treasures on the frame of my mirror. My friends saw my creation and asked me to decorate a frame or box for them, which I exchanged for half kilo of Smurfs, all the letters of their Scrabble or whatever came out of their grandmother´s drawers. Since then I have been exploring more complex compositions and new materials.

My Collection

I currently have about two hundred thousand different pieces of chatter coming from all over the planet. I constantly renew my collection. I´ve specialized in useless objects no larger than four inches high, brought from Istanbul to Havana. From Jerusalem to Barranquilla. From Oslo to Abu Dhabi. My favorite place is the Garbage Market in Iztapalapa -one of the most dangerous areas in Mexico City. On my research I discovered that each culture produces and consumes different chatter with an aesthetic that has a stamp of their identity.

Literary Work

I was born in Texas. I grew up in a private ecological reservation for endangered wild animals owned by my family, in Mexico. I studied Mass Communication with a specialization in Literature. I've written for National Geographic Traveler, Travel & Leisure, Marie Claire, and  other publications. My last book The Women of Casa X, was published in the Netherlands in 2013. I have worked as a screenwriter for feature films, TV shows, documentary films and advertising campaigns for multinational brands. I´ve written and directed TV commercials, the short film The Flying Dutchman -winner of Filmarte Film Festival- and I´m in preproduction of my new short film Eternal Beauty.



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